• Corporation
  • Ningxia Sikeda biotechnology co., Ltd. was built in 2014, located in fine chemical south road 8,Pingluo fine chemical base,Shizuishan city.Ningxia hui nationality autonomous region. The company covers an area of 189.08 mu, registered capital of 15 million yuan, total assets of about 200 million yuan, the company has more than 210 staff and workers, the main products are: 3-Isochromanone, Diethyl Methylmalonate, M-Trifluoromethylbenzyl Cyanide, 4-Chlorobenzaldehyde and other products.

    In the early stage, the company mainly conducted the production and sales of Monocyanide, Aminoguanidine Bicarbonate and Creatine Hydrochloride. Due to market reasons, the company successfully implemented the restructuring in August 2018, carried out technical transformation, and invested 90 million RMB yuan to build an annual output of 2000 tons of 3-Isochromanone project.The project was put into production in May 2019. The project complies with the national 13th Five-Year Plan, industry development plan and local development plan, and obtained the ISO9001 certification certificate in September 2020.According to the market and the future development direction of the company, the company has decided to invest 215 million RMB yuan in follow 3-5 years since 2020, to build an annual output of 8600 tons of fine chemical intermediates project and an annual output of 6000 tons of (adjacent) 4-Chlorobenzaldehyde project.At present, the first phase of annual output of 8600 tons of fine chemical intermediates (annual output of 2000 tons of (adjacent) 4-Chlorobenzaldehyde project, annual output of 600 tons Diethyl Methylmalonate project) has been completed and entered the trial production stage.

    At present, the production of the company's existing products has become a scale, by the end of November 2021 is expected to complete the industrial output value of 180 million RMB yuan, achieve sales revenue of 172 million RMB yuan, strive to reach 200 million RMB yuan, and achieve profits and taxes of 26 million RMB yuan.

    In recent years, with the continuous adjustment of national industrial policies, environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, and production safety have attracted increasing attention.Therefore, the companypay attention to the coordinated development of economic and social benefits in the process of enterprise development , increase the investment in environmental protection facilities construction in the pursuit of enterprise value maximization,  construction of waste gas, waste water, waste residue treatment of environmental protection facilities in strict accordance with the national chemical enterprise discharge standards, the company has invested more than 20 million RMB yuan in environmental protection, the company is expected to invest 11.6 million for volatile organic compounds treatment and online monitoring facilities installation projects in 2021, strive to build green, science and technology, environmental protection enterprises.

    The company is committed to realizing the transformation and development with scientific and technological innovation, combined with the existing resource advantages of Ningxia, and taking it to become a unique high-tech fine chemical enterprise in Shizuishan region as the company’s goal .The company draws no less than 3% of its sales revenue every year for technological innovation and new product development.Up to now, the company has obtained 6 national invention patents and 4 utility model patents; Undertake one general R & D project of the autonomous region and one key R & D project of the autonomous region; The company built Ningxia high efficiency and low toxicity fungicide intermediates industrial technology innovation Center in 2019, it was awarded as the autonomous region of technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises in 2019, it was awarded as "Pingluo County 2020 Excellent Enterprise" in 2020, it was identified as a "small giant of science and technology" enterprise in the autonomous region in 2021.